“Brittany and her equine partner supported me in transforming a childhood dynamic that was draining me and debilitating my decision making as an adult. Although I had an awareness of the experience, I didn’t realize that my belief system, habits, and actions were colored by my childhood experiences. Our session brought to light transformation in me and healing of this unfinished business. The results of resolving this dynamic changed my current experience and opened doors to new possibilities for me. “

Katrina D.

“As my business coach, Brittany always honored me as a whole person.  We talked about my business, my financials, and important decisions, but our calls also centered on my dreams, family, and personal aspirations.  This approach allowed me to grow as a person and it allowed me to create increasing alignment between how I was showing up in my world and who I was working to become.  With Brittany’s help, I became a more intelligent business owner, a more compassionate leader, and a more present mother and wife.  As Brittany worked to get to know me, I found myself learning to know myself, and this was one of the greatest gifts I could receive.”

Katie P – Asheville, NC

“Brittany has a gift to make you feel seen and heard. She provides a healing space for you to find your authentic self.”

Molly M – Midland, TX

“Thank you Brittany for your solid coaching gifts. You have the ability to hold space for me to be able to access my vulnerability and release so much suppressed emotion. I knew that you had the strength to hold whatever I shared, to help me process and release as needed. Thank you”

Teena – Minneapolis, MN

“Brittany is as confident as they come. Her drive in helping clients is apparent in every way. A strong lead to a new path for her client. Clean slate or whole new road, this coach will get you there.”

Lexie L. – Bagley, MN

“Brittany has a kind and direct approach to coaching. Her insight is amazing. I leave every session feeling like a new person with newly found hope and determination.”

Jane S. – Southport, CT