Leadership workshops and Coaching: Are you a leader? Or do you lead leaders? Our leadership workshops and coaching are a way for you to add value to your leadership team while at the same time breaking up the “meeting monotony” and getting them outdoors with horses! We’ve found that the best leaders have a deep understanding of themselves & the uniqueness of others, high emotional intelligence, and great problem solving/ conflict resolution skills. In our workshops, we work to develop these skills in every leader who steps foot into our arena. Groups launched periodically, and private workshops available for 5+ people.

Individual Coaching: For those looking for a unique and personal experience, one on one coaching is always available. In person with horses (weather permitting), over the phone or virtually through video conferencing.

Groups are a fantastic way to build a community of support and healing on an affordable basis! Our groups generally meet weekly and are groups of like-minded souls on a similar journey. These groups are formed to create a safe space to connect, heal, and grow.

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Need to get away for healing and self discovery? come to one of our retreats for healing, horses, and friendship. You’ll enjoy stepping outside of your normal day-to-day to enter a sacred and healing space filled with love, horses, and wide open spaces.